$500 Wholesalebooker.com Credit + 3 DAY CAR RENTAL


Please fill out the form below to pay your $99 deposit. Remember this is nonrefundable for cash back, but in the last redemption step below you will be refunded in the form of a $100 restaurant gift certificate valid at thousands of restaurants in the US.





After you pay above, within 2 business days you will be e-mailed your wholesalebooker.com access and your 3 Day Car Rental certificate to the e-mail address you mentioned in the form above. Please stay tuned until then.


Redemption Directions:

1.  E-mail your voucher code to the e-mail address mentioned on your deal ending in @halfofftoday (ie: DealSiteName5@halfofftoday.com). Within 2 business days we will reply back with directions to pay online the first $99 deposit (“refundable only for a $100 restaurant gift certificate”).

2.  Once you pay that you will receive an email within 4 business days or less with your wholesalebooker.com access code & your Rental Car certificate.  Once you redeem that online you must send within 30 days mail a cashiers check or money order for the $50 refundable (cash back) deposit.   

3.  After you redeem online you’ll receive a Travel Request Form.  Fill that out and e-mail or fax it to Reservations minimum 60 days before your desired date.

4.  Reservations will contact you soon- no later than 30-90 days prior to your desired date to help book

5.  Once you have a confirmed booking e-mail your itinerary to the email address in step 1 & in 2 business days we will email you your $100 Restaurant gift certificate


Please be sure to follow these directions and the terms below.  If you have an issue that is NOT covered by this you may email the email address mentioned in step 1 or if you absolutely can’t find it, email dealsupport@halfofftoday.com


A. Activation Instructions: Online Activation: To activate this voucher you will follow the redemption steps above.  Once you complete step 1 and we email your certificate you will activate it online within 21 days of the issue date shown on your activation form. Once you have completed your online activation you will be able to print your vacation planning package, which will include a travel request form that you will use to select dates and locations. A $50.00 refundable deposit (cashier check or money order only) made must be submitted via U.S. mail within 30 days of your online activation; your deposit must be received in 30 days. You must complete and sign the below form stating you have read and agree to the terms & conditions and include it when submitting your deposit. You may also include your completed travel request form when mailing your signed activation form and deposit. This voucher expires 18 months from the issue date, but must be activated within the 21 day issuance period to be valid.


B. What You Receive: This voucher is valid for two adults, 25 years of age or older with a major credit card for an economy size car rental for three days. You may bring extra passengers in the backseat. This travel voucher may be used in conjunction with your airfare voucher (based upon availability) or may be used separately. You will be responsible for a reservation processing fee of $25.00, transportation to and from the rental location, taxes, any gratuities and/or incidentals, any fees imposed by the rental company, fuel, insurance protection and any other surcharges. You may request any date you wish, but during peak seasons, conventions, and seven days before and after a holiday, surcharges may apply. Each surcharge is approximately $25.00- $50.00. A minimum three day rental is required. This offer covers the base rental only.



C. How to Book it: When you complete your travel request form, you will choose your pickup location and date, we suggest requesting a second optional destination and date as well (please be advised that it is possible that you may not receive your 1st or 2nd choice and may be required to submit additional choices). Requests must be postmarked/remitted a minimum of 60 days in advance of the first travel date with a minimum of 45 days between each consecutive date if requested. Your original deposit will be applied towards your balance due, but any money owed must be received before confirming your reservation. Additional days or upgrades may be purchased through Reservations. Please note that no matter how far in advance you submit your travel dates, one of our travel consultants will not contact you until approximately 30-60 days prior to travel via email, phone or mail. Once you receive your travel offer you will have the option of either accepting or declining. If you choose to decline, you can wait for your 2nd choice date on file to be checked, or choose to submit a new request. Requests for specific rental agencies cannot be guaranteed and are based upon availability. When your reservations are confirmed, Reservations will prepare and mail/email a written confirmation with your itinerary. It is important that you do not make any other travel arrangements until you receive your confirmation. Your confirmation will be issued electronically, and you are responsible for having the correct documents required for travel.



D. Cancellation Policy: You cannot make any changes to a confirmed reservation. If you cancel or fail to show to a confirmed reservation, you cannot reschedule. Any refunds of money paid will be in accordance with the rental agencies refund policies. Please note that it may be possible that you will not receive a refund of any money paid should you choose to cancel or fail to show. If you choose to cancel your voucher after submitting a travel request form, but prior to booking, you will be subject to a $20.00 fee. Cancellation notices must be in writing and either mailed, faxed or emailed.



E. Additional Information: This offer is void where prohibited by law. No other representations, oral or otherwise, are valid in conjunction with this offer. There are no refunds of any unused portions of this offer. Your deposit must be claimed within 18 months of activation or it will be forfeited. All travel must be completed by your expiration date. This offer is not valid for groups. A group is considered two or more parties traveling to the same destination on the same departure date. These terms cannot be altered by any entity other than Reservations. Only one travel offer of the same type per household may be used within an 18 month period. Activated vouchers are non-transferable. All bookings are subject to the availability of Reservations contracts. If acceptable to the purchaser, comparable alternate accommodations or facilities in a city or reservations for a date different than that requested, may be provided when necessary. Reservations and its vendor partners do not accept responsibility for acts of God or any circumstances beyond its control which may cause the travel arrangements to become unavailable.