$59 for a 2 Night Hotel Stay Nationwide with tix to Disney, any Six Flags & more + $500 WholesaleBooker.com Credit

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2 Night Hotel & Theme Park

$75 refundable deposit (money back)

$99 deposit (this one is refundable only for a $100 restaurant gift certificate)

$50 per each of first 2 adults non-refundable hotel fees.

Save your receipt from the theme park— you receive a $150 theme park money back rebate.

Valid for 2 adults 21 and up. Add additional guests for extra costs only if hotel requires it.

Hotel may include Marriott, Holiday Inn, Mainstay Suites, Clarion, Cambria Hotels & Suites, Comfort Suites/Inn, Quality, and others.

After redemption, provide 60 days notice at booking time

Hotels/dates/locations/parks are based on promotional availability.  Additional availability may be available for adherence to additional terms

Hotels in any city in the continental US.  Includes major theme parks.

Expires in 12 months from purchase date.

Only 1 per household per year. Multiple may be given as gifts.

For participating theme parks, All Terms & Redemption visit http://halfofftoday.com/articles/2-nights-and-theme-park & Use E-mail: Halfofftoday3@halfofftoday.com

-This great bonus that comes with your $500 Wholesalebooker.com Credit

$500 Wholesalebooker.com Credit:

Your $500 Wholesalebooker.com Credit covers the $500 Lifetime Membership fee for unlimited access to Wholesalebooker.com

-The lowest price may not always be available for every single option, however most hotels and other travel options provide a great savings over rates you can find elsewhere, especially hotels

-Unlike most all travel search engines, we do not mark up the prices from suppliers— we forgo that profit and pass on a the savings to you!  You are therefore receiving a lifetime of wholesale travel to be accessed online at anytime.

There is a $12 annual maintenance fee starting year 2 if you wish to continue each year.

-Visit http://Wholesalebooker.com/faq/ for more details.


For All Terms & Redemption Directions visit: http://halfofftoday.com/articles/2-nights-and-theme-park & Use E-mail: Halfofftoday3@halfofftoday.com



About Your 2 Nights + Theme Parks

Disney World? Six Flags? Universal Studios?  Where do you want to enjoy?

With this deal you get a two night stay in Any US City + Tickets to a major theme park.  This is in addition to your $500 Wholesalebooker.com credit where you can enjoy more savings for years to come!


Choose a hotel in Any City in the continental USA.  

Theme Parks include ANY:

Six Flags, Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Wet n Wild, Lagoon, Dell Water Parks, Kinds Pavilion, Hershey Park, Coro Winds, Knott’s Berry Farm, Dollywood, Discovery Cove, Cedar Point, Knoebels, Schlitterbahn, Silver Dollar City, Dutch Wonderland, Santa Village & Others- Most major theme parks, you may request other options at booking time ONLY

Hotels may include Marriott, Holiday Inn, Carlson or Choice brand properties, and others

This comes with your Wholesalebooker.com credit…


About Your $500 Wholesalebooker.com Credit

Receive lifetime access to our wholesale booking search engine and receive great discounts on hotels, cruises, airfare, car rentals, attractions, and vacation homes across the US and worldwide.  Search tens of thousands of options and save thousands over your lifetime! The greatest savings is on hotels.  No need to search online anywhere else for travel bookings again!

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