$98 for 8 Days Hotel In the Hawaii + Airfare Credit or Dinner

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  • Offer expires 12 months from date of purchase
  • Hotel fees not included. Fees of $40-95 each night on average due when booking reservations
  • Peak or prime dates/locales/hotels may req higher fees, choose any date; no blackouts
  • While 30 days advanced notice is encouraged for best availability, please provide approximately 10-20 business days advanced notice to process your request
  • Processing could be longer in busy seasons
  • Reservations books customers in order of their travel dates
  • While specific hotel requests are often available, greatest savings on hotel fees comes when you are more flexible
  • Availability requests Availability requests at booking time only.  Need help?- E-mail support@ecustcare.com
  • For All Terms/FAQs/Redemption:  visit:  http://vacationrescenter.com/8_day_getaway.html


Stay at top hotels such as Ohana, Aqua, Hilton, Double Tree, Hampton Inn, Sheraton and more.

  • 8 Days Hotel Accommodations in the Hawaii
  • Choose one of the following:
  • An up to $400 Airfare Credit
  • $50 Dining Value Gift Certificate good for your choice one of 15,000 restaurants in the US
  • You pick the destination and travel dates
  • 3-4 Star Hotel
  • Good for 1-4 people
  • Choose Honolulu, Waikiki, Oahu Island.

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Bask on a beach and escape the cold temperatures with this Hotel stay in the Hawaii. Enjoy the sun, beach and tourist spots without worrying about blackouts. Stay at top hotels such as Ohana, Aqua, Hilton, Double Tree, Hampton Inn, Sheraton and more. Enjoy great amenities and attractions, as well as huge savings with this fantastic deal!

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